The end of a lovely break …

Time to pack up and head for home after a lovely couple of weeks away.  I must admit it will be nice to light the wood stove and cook inside out of the cold and away from mosquitoes, but we’ve both really enjoyed this time away and the simplicity of camper living … make the bed, do the dishes and the rest of the day is free of chores.

We had a final trip to the Boatshed Markets this morning, mainly just to have a browse and possibly buy some apples for the coming week, but Gordon decided to wait until we get home as he was disappointed with the apples we bought last week.  Had our usual hot choc and headed back for me to pack some stuff into the car and Gordon to check the Statey’s oil and water.

Spent the rest of the day following the sun with our chairs and reading.  Nothing exciting.  The rain held off all day, although the afternoon was really cold and we finally moved into the camper about 4pm and put the heater on.  We heard one of the caravan campers asking another if they were “doing drinks tonight?” and the answer was “too cold”!  So it wasn’t just us feeling the cold.  There was a short, sharp shower a few minutes ago but it’s stopped for now.  Hopefully there won’t be much more overnight.

Simple tea of sardines on toast in the camper and that’s it for the day.  Early start tomorrow to finish packing and get on our way home.

That’s it from us.  Over and out 😎


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