Bitty day …

I always forget how quickly Albany weather changes.  Lovely and sunny yesterday … grey, cold and showery today.

Went to the Saturday Farmers’ Market for more honey and Jersey brie cheese to take home, and some eggs.  From there to Kate’s Place for morning tea … and they had their delicious sticky date slice with caramel sauce in the cabinet!!!!! ❤😋👍.  I was a very happy customer😃.IMG_1485

This was actually the photo from October last year, but I can assure you that it was just as deliciously yummy.  The only difference was that Gordon had a vanilla slice and I swapped the hot choc for a lemongrass and ginger tea.  This is definitely my most favourite place for morning or afternoon tea in Albany.

On our way back to the park we decided to get rid of the bait and burley that we didn’t use when fishing, so down to the Point to feed the pelicans and seagulls.  Well, actually one pelican and a couple of seagulls.  The pelican was very keen on the stewing steak but wasn’t happy about the burley.

Gordon reckons that if it could have spat the burley out it would have, but instead it just let the burley slide out and then put its beak on the side and rinsed it out … very polite.  There were some Indian uni students down there at the same time and we had one ask us a lot of questions about pelicans, seagulls, magpies and fishing.  He’s studying for a Masters in Civil Engineering at Curtin.

Back at the park we decided to do a bit of uke practice but then the chap from opposite us came over to tell us all about his new Hawaiian uke (that he bought in Hawaii, of course!) and his weekly private lessons.  He finally went back to his van and a little later on he started playing his uke … it felt a bit weird so we quietly packed up and had our lunch instead.

After lunch Gordon decided to go out to Nanarup to suss out his old fishing spot rather than use Two People’s Bay in future.  It was freezing cold and drizzling … that fine misty rain that eventually soaks into everything.  It was a long walk from the car and I certainly wasn’t keen on what he was proposing.  The area we would be fishing from looked like you needed to be a mountain goat to get there and I’m not as young and fit as I used to be.  I felt we were better off staying with TPB but working out a better bait and burley system.  Now that you have to pay $8 to go into TPB it may discourage quite a few casual fishers.

On our way back we decided on afternoon tea at Kate’s Place as we’d forgotten to replenish our biscuit/cake supply this morning and had nothing at the camper.  Joy of joys, they still had plenty of the sticky date left so we both had a serve this time and thawed out sitting in their lovely armchairs at the window.

I’d forgotten to get provisions for tea and it was so cold anything I cooked was going to be cold before we could eat it, so we opted for Red Rooster (too salty … should have known better).  Back to “proper” food when we get home.

Rain forecast again for tomorrow but looks as if it should be less than today.  Will start packing the car in the afternoon so that there’s less to do Monday morning.

Hope the weather was kind to you today 😎


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