Another day in paradise🌞

Another lovely sleep in today and blue, sunny skies when we finally surfaced.  Our pigeon was making his mournful sound and the magpies were singing.  We stayed in so late that our neighbours had packed up their vans and left for their next stop.

Gordon suggested that we take the kayaks to Emu Point and paddle through the channel and round to a little beach in King George Sound.  He checked the tides and decided that we’d have the tide helping us out but we’d be paddling against it coming back.

Left about 10am and spent the next two hours on the water and the pristine beach.  Took a heap of photos … these are probably some of the better ones …

I experimented with the “vivid colour” options on the camera and this was the effect …

It certainly gives a better idea of the real colours and the clarity of the water, which was absolutely crystal clear.

There are places along the beach where fresh water flows out of the hillside down the beach and out into the ocean.  The water is pale to dark brown from tannin and in some places trickles through rocks before it reaches the beach …

Even managed to get a photo of Gordon without the usual “one finger” salute …
IMG_4332It was a bit more difficult paddling back to Emu Point against the tide and the wind had also come up a bit but I just did “follow the leader” to make sure that I didn’t run into any underwater rocks and tried to keep up.

When we got back to the Point, three little kids between 3 and 4 years old (I think) decided they wanted to get into and on the kayaks and play with the paddles and bash them with their sand shovels etc.  Had quite a job to convince them to stay off and out while Gordon brought the car closer, and their mum/s didn’t appear to be taking any notice.  Maybe I looked like a harmless old chook and no threat 🙄!

Picked up pies in Spencer Park for lunch and went to eat them in Lawley Park in town.  Somewhere in my photo box I have photos taken on our honeymoon in 1968 and Gordon is sitting on a cannon in this park.  The cannon are no longer there.  Wonder where they’ve gone?

From there we drove down to the foreshore to take a picture of the art on the CBH Albany Grain Terminal silos …
IMG_4343It celebrates the discovery of a new species of sea dragon called the Ruby Sea Dragon. I also read that it’s an amalgamation of both the Ruby Sea Dragon and another local sea dragon … so it’s more a mythical creature and apparently divided the locals as they felt the art should be something to do with the Anzacs or whaling.  The artists wanted to reflect the marine, culture and history of the region.  I think it’s gorgeous and very eye catching.

Stopped at the lookout on the tourist drive and tried to take some snaps of the beautiful clear day but my camera just wasn’t cooperating.  Not sure if my zoom is causing problems or not but out of six photos the last one was the best …

Finished the day back the camper with afternoon tea and books.  Gordon fixed his fishing reel after we found some info on the Web, we had tea, and that was the end of our day.

Except for the people who keep coming over and asking about the pigeon.  “What’s that noise?” they ask.  “It’s driving me mad”, they complain.  Some have even said they were going to put in a complaint at the office … good luck with that one!!! All eastern states people who have never heard a bronze wing pigeon’s call.  We don’t even notice it and sometimes he goes to sleep at night so I don’t know what they’re going on about.

Another lovely day in paradise done and dusted.  Only two more days and we will have to pack up and head for home.  Mixed feelings on that one as I know there’s “stuff” that needs to be done at home.  While we’re here I can’t see it but it’ll be staring me in the face when we get home.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end.  Supposed to be showers ☔🌧for the next two days but who cares? As long as we don’t have to pack up with wet canvas we’ll be OK.

Time to add Gordon’s cartoon for the day and then I’m off for a good 😴😴😴

Catch you tomorrow 😎


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