No fish today 🐟😥

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow was for rain in the afternoon, so we decided to go fishing this morning.  Woke to clear skies but by the time we were on the road the clouds had started to roll in and we had spots of rain on the windscreen.  Not a good sign as quite often the fish don’t seem to be around when it grey and cloudy.  Nevertheless we continued on, paid our $8 (again) to get into Two People’s Bay, did the walk across the beach and up the steep hill to our fishing spot.  We were the only ones there but I’m not surprised as it wasn’t a particularly good morning for fishing.

We had picked up some “proper” burley yesterday as the pollard we had used on Tuesday wasn’t staying in/on the burley cage.  This burley was supposed to be as good as the stuff we used to get but it wasn’t.  Once again, it didn’t want to stay on so we were lucky to get two casts (sometimes only one) before we had to reload.  I guess that was good exercise, walking back and forth to reload but frustrating as the fish just weren’t cooperating.  We both landed a rock cod (at different times) but threw them back as they’re not really good for eating.  The best part about the morning was that my reel was finally working properly and I was able to cast out a lot further.  Would have been even better if the fish had been cooperative!  We were out there for about two hours and this time the fish won!

Decided to call it a day, so back down the hill, across the beach and up the steps that always defeat me.  I’m sure they’re made for giants and obviously I’m not in tip top condition so by the time I get to the top I’m huffing and puffing.  It’s actually the same going up the hill to our fishing spot … huge steps and steep so that you really know when you’re not fit 😕.

On the way back we stopped near the red banksia that I photographed on Tuesday as I remembered taking photos of the Southern Cross flower on a previous trip.  Sure enough, there they were … only on one side of the road and in a small area …
IMG_4275There were some other delicate flowers in the same area and over the other side of the road …

We spent the rest of the day reading, going out for afternoon tea (had to try a new café!), pick up some provisions and washing our fishing clothes … and Gordon wanted a photo of the ladybird on his arm … so I obliged 🙂

The park has many birds, and among them are bronze wing pigeons.  It happens to be mating season and the male pigeons have a very mournful call.  We’ve had one in the tree over our camper ever since we arrived and it moans almost non-stop, which can be monotonous but doesn’t bother us as it’s just part of being here.  Apparently it’s really bothering the campers on the other side from us as one bloke came over to ask if we knew where the noise was coming from and a woman went to the office to complain that it was affecting her tinnitus and asked if the office could get rid of it by shooting it!  Honestly, the poor bird is just lovesick!!!  I love it if I wake up during the night and the magpies are caroling softly and the pigeons are moaning.  It’s a really lovely sound and it feels like we’re home.  Hopefully the park owners will ignore the request to kill the poor bird … anyway, how would they know which one is causing the problem?  There’s more than one male pigeon here.

The weather had cooled right down, although the rain has only been a couple of light showers so far.  The wind was so cold I thought that our tea would be cold before we had a chance to eat it, so decided on fish and chips from the Blue shop (it’s called Ocean & Paddock) tonight and chose the Pensioner’s Special at $9 each.  I know we had this last time we were down here and the serve was quite good, but tonight it was a bit paltry, so we’ve decided that in future Hooked is the better option at 50c more per serve.

No idea what we’re doing tomorrow.  We’ll wait and see what the weather brings.

Gordon’s cartoons are up for each of the blog posts.

Sleep tight and stay snug and warm 😎


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