Another day drifts by ….

Wash and mend day today.  Our fishing gear needed washing and my fishing reel needed fixing, so put the washing in while we had brekky, had it on the line 30 minutes later and then Gordon showed me how to dismantle my reel and clean and oil it.  It now works beautifully … the bail clicks across as it should and the action is lovely and smooth again.

It’s supposed to rain later tomorrow … we’ve already had a short, sharp shower tonight.  If the weather is fine first thing tomorrow morning we’re going fishing again and I can try it out.

We’ve had magpies and wattle birds visiting us all day today.  We don’t feed them but obviously they do get fed by other campers as they’re very persistent.  Just as we finished our lunch today … the rest of yesterday’s fish and bread … a cheeky wattle bird flew in and grabbed (beaked?) the last small piece of bread and took off … hotly pursued by a magpie 🤣

Our visitors today …

… the first magpie has only one foot and we’ve seen him for the past three or four years so obviously he can look after himself.

Got the ukes out again after lunch for about an hour and then headed off to the Vancouver Café for afternoon tea.  Nice little café well off the main thoroughfare with some interesting cake options.  My Persian Pavlova was nothing like a pavlova but it was delicious.  Gordon says his Dutch apple cake was really good also.  It’s a bit more expensive than the other cafés but we only go there once each trip, so it’s worthwhile.

Picked up fishing stuff on the way back, had early tea before the mozzies made an appearance and retired to the camper.

Hoping the weather is fine tomorrow morning so I can try my repaired reel out and see if I can catch some fish.

That’s it for today 😎

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