Gone fishin’

What a perfect song to go with our day today!

Once again it was a bright, clear blue and sunny sky.  We were up and about by 7.30am but then frittered the morning away playing our ukes as we both had the music for a song stuck in our brains, so I looked up the chords and we had a bit of a practice and decided it was one that we’d like to add to our personal repertoire.  Maybe one of these days we’ll be proficient enough (and brave enough) to try busking somewhere we’re not known 😁🤣.

Packed ukes away, Gordon cycled to Middleton Beach and I walked the Emu Point circuit taking in the nature walk on the way back, taking photos along the way …

Whizzed out before lunch to pick up meat for bait, a cinnamon loaf for lunch, and a devon swiss roll to take the place of our morning and afternoon tea biscuits that we’ve just finished.  As you can see, we’re eating really healthy food 😋😂.

After lunch we drove out to Two People’s Bay to go fishing at our favourite spot …

Thankfully, we were the only ones there for fishing, although there was a guy swimming when we arrived but he left soon after.  The fish weren’t particularly encouraging for quite some time but they then came on the bite and we ended up with 10 herring and one skippy.  I only caught two 😥 and Gordon caught the rest.  He had a lot more success with his handline.  My reel needs some serious maintenance as it was stiff and difficult to wind, so Gordon’s going to show me how to strip it down and clean it tomorrow.

Took a photo from the car park before we left.
On the way back I managed to find these gorgeous red banksia flowers …

Fresh hot fish sandwiches were on the menu for tea tonight and we picked up bread on the way back.  I filleted the fish … not a very good picture taken under our yellow outside light but there are 22 fillets there …
and then cooked up about half of them in butter and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow.

The mosquitoes were having a feed of us, so we’ve retired into the camper to do our nightly diaries and nosh on some choc from a couple of days ago.

Gordon’s cartoon loaded.

Hope your day was as good as ours 😊😎

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