Lazy day✔

I was going to include Bruno Mars “Lazy Song” but after listening and watching the video I didn’t want to offend anyone.  It’s very catchy and funny but possibly not suitable to put here and the “clean” version just didn’t cut the mustard.

We woke to mist about 7am and promptly drifted off back to sleep until 9am.  Bliss 😴😴.  The sun was shining when we finally surfaced and struggled out of bed.  Leisurely brekky, sat in the sun reading our books and then suddenly it was morning tea time ☕.  Gordon decided to sort out his fishing bucket and after discarding and/or removing a lot of stuff it’s a lot lighter.  Then it was lunch time … where does the time go?!!!

We decided that we’d have a lazy day and perhaps go fishing tomorrow as the weather forecast is for fine weather all week.  Today was forecast for 28C and it was very warm … especially noticeable after all the cold weather we’ve had since the start of our trip.

After lunch we played around with our ukes and read some more and then decided to walk/cycle down to Emu Point for afternoon tea.

Read some more and then it was time for tea.  Decided on fish and chips from either the Blue shop or Hooked.  The Blue shop was shut so it was Hooked and very nice too.

Mosquitoes got very friendly and decided to have a meal of me, so I finished my tea in the camper.

Gordon took a photo of the sunset …

… and I remembered that I took the photos of this bush on Saturday …

… and that’s us done for the day.

Gordon is working on his cartoon and I’ll post it as soon as he’s finished.

I could easily get used to this 😃. Catch you tomorrow.  Who knows, we may have a fishy tale to tell 😎

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