I wasn’t planning on swimming!!!!🤿

More on the title of this blog later.  This video is the closest I could get to this afternoon’s activities 😉.

We went to the Boatshed Markets this morning to have a look around.  It’s smaller than it used to be but still a nice little mixed market with all types of stuff.  Outside was a lovely replica whale boat …

… this is Gordon’s description (he knows more about boats than I do!).  “We had a look at a replica of a whale boat – not the ship, but the dinghy powered by 6 oars – flat keel, plenty of sheer fore and aft, narrow entry and exit, steered by an oar – it is beautiful – clinker built and copper nail riveted.”  I was particularly taken with the lovely rope work, which Gordon says would have been for the rigging for the mast, and I’ve added the photos just in case Claire and Mikkie are reading this.

Talked to several stallholders, got hot chocs, bought some yummy florentines and sat outside in the sunshine …

There were a couple playing good music with guitar and eight string ukulele, so we danced to about five or six songs, donated some money, bought some bread sticks to go with our cheese etc from yesterday and after topping up the fuel tank we headed back to the camper.

We’d decided that it was a good day for the kayaks, so after lunch we went down to Emu Point.  The tide was out and the water was very shallow where we put the kayaks in.  There were a couple of pelicans nearby and I just have to take pelican photos whenever I see them as they are such beautiful, elegant birds …

It felt like we had a head wind, but Gordon assured me it was more that the tide was going out and we were paddling against it.  I was surprised to find that my bursitis shoulder (which has improved enormously) was OK, but my repaired shoulder was the one that was giving me a bit of trouble, so couldn’t paddle as far as I would have liked.

The water was crystal clear and you could see right to the bottom, even in the deeper water.  I took photos to try and show what it was like but I’m not sure that they do it justice …

Last time we were here the sea grass wasn’t looking very healthy and appeared to have some sort of algae growing on it.  This time it looks really healthy and there’s a lot more of it.

Gordon and I both took similar photos of sun on water etc and here they are …

… and a few of Gordon checking out the oysters on the rocks (well, we were in Oyster Harbour!) …

The pair of ospreys that we usually see are a lot more wary than they used to be, so it was almost impossible to get a photo but Gordon managed this one …

It’s really not easy to see but it has a white head and chest and dark brown wings and is almost on the top of the middle branch.

With my shoulder telling me it was time to turn around we headed back and this is where it finally all fell apart … or to put it bluntly, I fell in!  In the 40 something years we’ve been kayaking I think I’ve only once fallen in when I was too close and side on to shore and the wash from a power boat tipped me over.  This time it really was me just being uncoordinated.  Because the water was so shallow, when we got close to the shore the kayak grounded on the sand.  I tried to lift myself out the way I normally do and my shoulder just wouldn’t take the weight, so I decided to put one leg out and then lever myself up with the paddle.  Recipe for disaster!!!!  One leg in the water, one leg in the kayak … the kayak started to drift away from me and I did a very inelegant version of the splits and went splat!!!!!  Gordon has captured it perfectly in his cartoon tonight!  Have a look.

Thank goodness the water was only mid-calf depth but I was more concerned (a) that all the people (it felt like there were thousands but in reality there was only a small number!!) on the shore were thinking “what an idiot” and (b) getting my camera wet.  Luckily the camera appears to have survived and although it felt very embarrassing and I was very wet and cold, no harm was done to me, the kayak or the camera.

Back to the park, change of clothes, wet stuff in the washing machine and time for afternoon tea.  We had a couple of magpies and a wattle bird earlier today looking for hand outs again, but they only got our crumbs …

The weather has been absolutely glorious and looking at the forecast for this week it appears that except for a chance of a shower on Wednesday, the rest of the week is going to be fine and sunny … in fact tomorrow is forecast for 28C.  If we go fishing (that’s the plan), we will need hats and sunscreen for sure.

Gordon’s cartoons for yesterday and today are now loaded 👍

Is the sun 🌞 where you are.  I certainly hope so.  Catch you tomorrow 😎


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