Just a little bit of rain☔🌧

Isn’t YouTube amazing?!  I typed in “a little bit of rain” and here was this lovely, laid back song by Amos Lee.  Love his style.  If you like this one, have a listen to Sweet Pea.

Actually, we woke to fine weather this morning … a little cloudy but nothing to fuss about.  Our main plan was to visit the local Farmers’ Market to get apples and honey.  It’s a small market but always busy and good local produce.  We picked up some “straight off the tree” Pink Lady apples, a jar of Yate honey (you just don’t get this sort of honey in Perth), a savoury flat bread, and a delicious Jersey brie.  From there we decided to have morning tea at one of our favourite cafés, Kate’s Place, which looks out over the Entertainment Centre and Princess Royal Harbour.  Was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have their delicious sticky date pudding but the carrot cake was pretty good, so I can’t complain.

Wandered down the road and discovered a Rivers shop that had been recommended to us yesterday when we were looking for uggs for Gordon.  Sure enough, there they were and the price was reduced as they were having a sale, so we both bought a pair and I also bought a pair of white leather casual summer shoes and a long sleeved spring shirt (they were also on special 👍).

We decided that as we were already out that we might as well drive over to Denmark for our “naughty” treats.  The rain started not far out of Denmark and continued on and off for about an hour.  First stop was the Denmark bakery for lunch.  I’m always fascinated by the tree in their courtyard as it’s so twisted and gnarly.  Can’t get the whole tree so this will have to suffice ….

then on to Elephant Rock Cider and Toffee (for the toffee, of course 😋).  We tried some smoked marron, which was very nice but at $17 each we decided they were out of our budget.

The Denmark Chocolate Factory is usually closed when we drive past, but today they were open, so we back tracked to try their chocolate … bad move!!!!!  It was absolutely delicious.  We were given a small dish of samples of different varieties and once we’d tasted we couldn’t walk out without buying something.  I was very strong and only bought two packs but I think Gordon bought three.  Definitely going back there next year.

On to Denmark Farmhouse Cheese to get some extra cheese to go with out flat bread, plus olives, and a paté for me.  Tea for this evening was now sorted … cheese, olives, paté and bread.

So that was our spending spree day.  We’ve done our splurge and we’ll have plenty to nosh on for the next few days without having to outlay any more money.

While we were at the Chocolate Factory we wandered through their garden and I took some photos … surprise!

We were back at the park by 4pm so decided to have an early tea.  We had a couple of free loaders come in to see what was on the menu …
freeloaders Albany

The wattle bird was chasing the magpie away, but the magpie was persistent and waited until the wattle bird had gone and then it kept coming back hoping for a handout.  I relented and brushed the bread crumbs onto the grass for her.

Finished off the day with a bike ride for Gordon and a walk for me.  Nothing much planned for tomorrow.  Will go to the Boatshed Market for a looksee and then no plans for the rest of the day.  Fishing on the list for Monday or Tuesday and also to get the kayaks on the water.

Gordon’s cartoons are now starting to appear.  Four added tonight and more to come 🙂

Sweet dreams 😴😴😎

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