Raiser Ride for Alzheimer’s Respite and Time for Home

Alkoomi Winery morning tea break

We were up bright and early to get packed up and over to D&K Engineering for the start of the Raiser Ride to Bridgetown.  It had rained overnight but by the time we were ready to pack the camper away it had dried off so no real dramas with wet canvas, thank goodness!

We arrived early but some bikes were already there and more continued to roll in as we chatted.  The same cars as last year joined us … Simmo & Sue in the 1955 Chev with teardrop caravan, Anne & Jim in an early ’60s Ford Falcon V8 ute, and a black early ’30s V8 custom Ford.  The main body of the convoy were Harley Davidson, Hayabusa, Victory and KTM motor bikes plus the recovery 4WD with trailer (just in case) and carrying all the donated goodies for the auction.

Our first stop along the way was to be as Alkoomi Wines but we had no idea where we were going and I’d neglected to check on the Internet.  As I was driving the first section there was no way to check it out so we crossed our fingers and tried to keep up.  Just not possible!  The bikes were off doing their 110kph (and more!) and we were limited to 100kph because of the camper.  Fortunately they did a stop just before Mt Barker and Jim & Anne decided to stay behind us, even though they weren’t absolutely sure where Alkoomi were either 😏 Again the bikes disappeared into the distance but we finally found Alkoomi and they hadn’t started morning tea so we weren’t too far behind.  Morning tea was free tea and coffee provided by the winery plus an amazing variety of delicious muffins that had been baked for us by the Hawthorn House support group.

On our way again, and this time Gordon was driving and although the cars started before the bikes the Hornet was again left behind, although the V8s made sure we were with them until they missed the turnoff and once again we were on our own.  Great road for motor bikes but a bit trying on the Hornet with the camper behind.  A lot of first and second gear hills and winding road.  I think Gordon’s cartoon describes it perfectly …
I’m glad Gordon was driving as I found it very challenging.  We ran out of petrol along the way but no dramas as we had 20 litres on the back of the camper.  Finally arrived in Bridgetown for lunch at The Cidery.  Lovely mulled wine and soup for lunch followed by a wander down town, splurged at the Old English Lolly Shop 🍥🍬🍭 and had afternoon tea before finding our accommodation at Sunnyhurst Chalets.  Lovely wooden chalets on a large property out of town (another challenging hill for the Hornet) and we were sharing with Wayne and his son Corey.

This is when it all went pear-shaped for me.  Because the beds weren’t made, Chantelle had offered to make our bed and naturally my reaction was “What?  I’m quite capable of making a bed!”, though I didn’t say it that way.  I just said not to bother as we could do it.  While Gordon was getting our gear out of the car I folded the doona (neatly, I thought) and went to move it to the other side of the room and somehow caught my foot in it.  Next thing I was on the floor and as I fell I knocked my hand against the edge of a cupboard.  I heard a “crack” and it hurt like hell but my initial thought was that I’d just given it a good whack and probably bruised it. Totally forgot that I now have osteoporosis!  Put on a brave face but the pain was excruciating😥and I really felt like having a big sook session.  Got Gordon to get some ice out of the freezer and sat for a while but the pain was getting worse and my hand was swelling just below my little finger.  We decided to find the hospital and get it checked out.  Short half hour wait in emergency and an x-ray later confirmed that I had two broken bones in my left hand below ring and little fingers.  Luckily we had thought to take my rings off before the swelling.

So, a couple of hours later, with hand splinted and bandaged (for 5 -6 weeks!!!!) IMG_1610we were able to get back in time for the spit roast tea and auction.  Unfortunately, by this time everyone knew about my fall and it was quite embarrassing to have people feeling sorry for me so I managed to deflect it a bit by making a bit of a joke about the doona attacking me.  I think the mix of Panadol and Neurofen that the hospital gave me made it easier to pretend that it didn’t hurt too much.  Frankly, I felt like an idiot, and Chantelle feeling bad because she didn’t insist on doing the bed for me certainly didn’t help.

Managed to eat tea one handed and then the auction was on and what a hoot that was.  The auctioneer, Johnno, was a scream and I think he could have sold freezers to eskimos😄.  I went with some saved money this year and enjoyed joining in the bidding.  I think I ended up with the wrong camera, but we’ll check it out and see what it does.  And the bottle of Alkoomi Riesling will be nice this coming summer.  I also donated two boxes of jams which went for about $40 each, so I was happy with that.

All up, the auction raised over $4,500 and with entry money, donations for breakfast and other donations the total for the weekend was about $7,500.  What a great feeling to be part of this very generous group of people.

Next year they’re going to Augusta and we’ll be with them again.

I’ve typed this entry basically one handed and I think I need to stop, so suffice to say that we arrived home safely yesterday, despite the heavy rain and I’m off to the doctor this afternoon to check all is OK and get my six monthly calcium injection.

Gordon’s final cartoon …

See you next time we’re on the road 😎


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