Time to move on

Today is our last day in Albany and the weather has been grey and cold. We can’t complain because the past four days have been perfect warm days … although cooling off quite markedly in the late afternoon and into the evening.

Gordon had fishing planned for today and the wind was in the right direction for his favourite spot. I decided not to go as my stomach had reacted to something I’d eaten and being close to a toilet was going to be my priority😖

I had a good book that had been recommended by our friendly book lady at Gemini Books and it was such a good read that the morning disappeared and Gordon was back in time for lunch. 

Unfortunately our planned hot fresh fish sandwich lunch was not to be. The fish weren’t cooperating and all Gordon had managed to get was one herring and one leatherjacket. The leatherjacket was almost impossible to fillet and definitely wasn’t worth eating so we had a herring fillet each and then went to the Spencer Park Bakery and picked up pies for lunch. Took them down to Emu Beach and watched the Pelicans while we had lunch.Spent the rest of the day reading and packing up the van as much as we could so that we can get an early start tomorrow.

Had tea at a newly discovered fish & chip shop called Hooked down at Middleton Beach. Very nice – we will go back next time we’re down here.

So ends the day and our break in Albany. Looking forward to tomorrow’s Raiser Ride to Bridgetown. The Hornet is polished and shiny and raring to go.

And to finish our day – Gordon’s cartoon about the leatherjacket having the last word😮


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