Revisiting the tourist trail 

The Natural Bridge

After a really good night’s sleep we surfaced about 7.30am with no real plans for the day, which turned out to be the best plan as the morning was taken up with chatting with our departing South Aussie neighbours and then more chatting with Annette and Bruce in next caravan down … conversation started by a comment about camping toasters!

About 11am we finally set off for the Emu Point Cafefor a late morning tea and to pick up the left behind phone charger for my choir  friend on our way back.

Delicious small lemon meringue tart for me and a blueberry & apple muffin for Gordon … overseen by greedy seagulls. This one had found the cream on another table and had the remains on its beak😜

After picking up the phone charger we walked back past the chainsaw sculpture I mentioned a couple of days ago. 

After a very light lunch at about 1.30pm we decided to do the “tourist” thing and revisit some Albany attractions. Did the tourist drive up from Middleton Beach (no whales out there today), checked out the parking for the Avenue of Honour light installation that we were going to visit in the evening, and out the South Coast Road to Frenchman’s Bay. Stopped at the old whaling station for afternoon tea, then Jimmy Newell’s Harbourand some flowersFrom there we moved on to The Gap and the Natural Bridge. A lot of work has been done here to keep people safe and protect the environment and yes, I could get closer to The Gap to take a photo safely …but it’s not the same as I remember it. I guess that’s progress. Although we were only there for less than half an hour we had to pay $7 for a day ticket as it’s now a national park.  The light on the ocean was beautiful.

Back to the camper For a light tea of cup of soup for me and fruit toast for Gordon and then back to the Field of Light: Avenue of Honour. I don’t feel I can really describe the lights but I think everyone who visits will have their own interpretation and feelings. I managed to get good photos with my camera but the phone camera couldn’t cope with the lack of light so this photo is a bit of a nothing. I’ll try and repost when we get home to the “real” computer.

So that was the end of our day. We now have a very noisy family next to us with four kids ranging from baby to about 6 years old and I don’t think we’re going to have a peaceful night. The baby is hysterical at the moment. Oh well, that’s life – maybe we should have brought the ear plugs with us😏

Wishing you a peaceful night wherever you are 😴💤


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