Another day in Paradise☀️😎

At the moment our luck is in and Albany is turning on some lovely warm sunshine. We woke to a perfectly still morning with blue sky, a few clouds and sunshine.  Last night we were lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of the surf on the beach, which is just a couple of small sand hills away.

After breakfast we headed out to D&K Engineering to hand in our contribution for the fund raising auction on Saturday night. Caught up with proprietors and organisers Danny and Chantelle, had a bit of a chinwag and then drove back to town to see about our gas stove. After chatting with the lady at BCF Gordon has decided to give the stove one more chance so we’ll take it back tomorrow to see if we can get a regulator that fits.

Picked up some provisions that we left at home😏, visited Gemini books (surprise😃) and visited one of our favourite cafes, Kate’s, for a delicious morning tea of sticky date pudding.  

On the hunt for Gordon’s drawing stuff we found the newsagent had moved to the bottom end of town. They had everything he needed, including the Bic pencil that works a bit like a propelling pencil. 

Across the road is a fairly new shop in one of the old two storey buildings. It’s a woodwork gallery and I could have spent a small fortune (if I had a fortune to spend🤔). The quality was top class and the range and ideas were amazing. Definitely going back next year with some money in my pocket!!

Onwards and upwards, literally, as we headed to the top of town in search of an op shop. Found the Red Cross shop, Gordon scrounged even more books and also found a great Fletcher Jones warm jacket for just $10 (what a steal!) and I bought two pink tops (no surprise there😝) and a long sleeved black top that should be perfect for my choir’s performances at the Dunsborough SongFest at the end of the month – all just $6 each – bargain!

We had browsed the morning away and it was lunchtime so had a bowl of sweet potato and carrot soup at Cosi’s Cafe and then finally headed back to the camper to veg out for a bit.

By 2pm the wind had picked up and we had a cold easterly blowing.  Sat in the sun reading (and crocheting) for a while and then went for a walk down the beach and towards Emu Point.

Some flowers along the way

Sat on a seat for a while watching some people fishing with this lovely  view in front of us (that’s my finger down in the corner😕). No sounds except for the wind in the reeds, the surf on the beach and bird calls – so peaceful and relaxing.
Flowers and trees on the way backThere was an amazing piece of chainsaw sculpture on the way back but the light was wrong and the photos are too dark. I’ll try again by preferably in the morning light.
I’m not sure how to add Gordon’s photos separately so here they are:Coach driver on our tail and trying to cut us off at the end of an overtaking lane.

Our lazy day – left the boys on their own this afternoon.

So there it is – another day without any necessary chores or deadlines. Bliss😊


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