On our way again🏖

Afternoon tea at Emu Beach CP

We left this morning for five days in Albany and then to join in a fun fund raising adventure with some Harley Davidson enthusiasts on our way home over the coming weekend.

I’ve left the computer home so the blog for this trip will be on my iPhone and probably with less photos as I never remember to use my phone for photos. We’ll see how it all goes. 

Despite having a very comprehensive check list, that I adjust and refine after each trip, we still manage to forget things. The double adapter thingy for the cigarette lighter socket is sitting on the kitchen table – it would have been much better in the car so that I could charge phone and run fridge at the same time😏. Gordon has left his koala pencil case  behind so has no pens or pencils for his cartoons plus neither of us packed our really warm jackets even though we’ve been watching temps and weather for the past week.

Looks like a shopping trip tomorrow. First off we have to drop off the jam boxes I’m donating for the fund raising raffle on Saturday night. Then we want to visit our favourite secondhand bookshop, Gemini Books📚, replace our gas stove which has given up on us, maybe get a couple of warm tops from the op shop and get pens 🖊etc, plus check out our favourite cafes along the way 🍰☕️😋. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it😎.

Nothing major planned for these five days. Just kick back, visit some fave spots (such as the Meadery, toffee factory and Denmark), check out the light installation at the War Memorial, go fishing, read books, walk to The Point and/or Middleton Beach or maybe do nothing – who knows?!

Our company this afternoon has been some friendly magpies looking for handouts, a couple of what look like desert pigeons but their colouring is different, and a rabbit that appears to use the park as its playground. 

Life is great – hope yours is too 😍


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