All good things must come to an end😥

We’ve had a wonderful two weeks away but it’s time to pack up the Hornet and head for home tomorrow.

This morning I checked where the Auto One shop was in town so that we could pick up the plug leads, and it was in the main street, so we decided to walk there rather than drive.  Unfortunately there was no Auto One!  Looked like Mr Google had given us false information.  Walked up and down Queen Street (main drag) and nothing.  Stepped into a coffee shop to ask where it might be and they had no idea but suggested Supercheap Autos on Bussell Highway and gave us direction on how to get there.  We set off again, found Supercheap but they didn’t have what we needed.  Inquired as to whether there was an Auto One and, if so, where it was located.  Apparently it was in the industrial area and when we asked if it was in walking distance the sales lady suggested that it would take us an hour to walk there🙀.

We decided it would be easier to go back and get the car.  Stopped for morning tea at the The Pantry on Prince (nice little quirky cafe) on our way back to the park, continued our walk back, picked up the Hornet and following the new directions found our way out to Auto One … one being the operative word as there was only one sales person and it looked like trade was reasonably steady.  Finally Gordon got a chance to ask for the plug leads and with his trusty piece of string that had knots tied in it to show the different length leads he required, he was taken out the back to pick out what he needed.  Mission accomplished 👍.

One our way back we picked up provisions for lunch and tea, then back to the park in time for Gordon to put the plug leads on before lunch.  While he was doing that I checked my FB and discovered a message from our ex-Packing Shed cafe friends Judi and Wiebe Tieleman asking if we’d like to catch up with them.  I’d forgotten that they lived down this way and it turned out they were only 8km down the road from the park, so we arranged to go there for about 2pm.

Back to the park for tea, waylaid by a couple admiring the Hornet who were down here for the Forest Rally (both are rally drivers but weren’t participating).  Finally had tea about 7pm.

An early start tomorrow so that we can get home in time to join our fellow “uke song selectors” for a couple of hours of choosing songs for the following week’s Monday night uke session. I packed most of our gear in the Hornet this afternoon, so we won’t have too much to do in the morning other than empty the camper, have brekky, pack the last minute stuff in the Hornet, close the camper and go.

As I said at the beginning, it’s been a lovely two weeks with good weather, delightful camping spots and some great morning and afternoon tea breaks … but it’s time to hit the frog and toad and head for the hills.  I think I hear my bed calling … the one that’s easy to get out of when all I have to do is roll over and put my feet on the floor 👍, although I shouldn’t really complain … the camper bed certainly helps to build up the muscles and strength that I need to get out of the kayak 😏

See you next time we’re on the road.  Over and out for now 😎


Two days in one

I missed out on posting last night as we didn’t get back to the camper until after 10pm.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so after a nice sleep in and late brekky, we washed the Hornet ready for the car show and then walked into town for lunch.  Ended up eating at the bakery (surprise, surprise!!!), wandering down the main street and then back to the camper.  The afternoon quickly disappeared as we needed to get ready to go to the Ukulele Jam at the Esplanade Hotel by 5.30pm.

Arrived as the uke group were setting up the tables and chairs for the evening.  We ordered our tea and then asked if we could join another couple, who kindly said yes.  Good move, as Eric and Linley are really nice people and we had a good chat before the evening started.  Eric is the uke player and Linley says she’s his “roadie” 🙂.

The evening was full on fun and although there were quite a few songs we just couldn’t manage to play (one had 16 different chords!!) we kept up pretty well and certainly enjoyed ourselves, as you can see from these photos …

Barbara, the organiser extraordinaire, wanted a photo with us and then insisted that I join The Ladybugs (her lead group) to sing Here Comes Peter Cottontail as it was the Easter themed song that I’d recommended.  What a hoot … and I love the bunny ears (they were Barbara’s) … I need to get some 🐰🐰.

The night finished close to 10pm and we walked back to the camper pushed along by a very cold wind, which is the reason why there was no blog last night.  Too late and too cold.  I just wanted to snuggle down into the sleeping bag and get warm.

Today we were up reasonably early to get down to the car show.  The Hornet decided that he wasn’t a happy boy and coughed and sputtered and kept conking out on us.  We thought it may have been because it was quite damp overnight so hoped that the warm sun would dry out whatever was causing the problem.

The Hornet was the only Morry there and he looked a bit tired and worn amongst the bright, shiny cars, but we had a lot of people stop and talk Morries with us, so he wasn’t out of place, that’s for sure.
Lots of really nice cars on display.  These are some of the cars that caught my eye ….

I thought this Wolseley was gorgeous.  The colour was eye catching, the car was immaculate and the paint job was a mirror finish … literally.  Look at the car within a car in this picture …

There are spots on some of the photos caused by two small scratches on the camera lens.  Really annoyed about them as I had this issue previously and it cost me $200 to get it fixed but they’re back again.  The camera is really not worth spending that amount on it again so I need to try to remember not to take photos with the sun on the lens.  A real pain!

Another special car was the Morgan three wheeler sports …

Spent a lot of the day talking cars with people but also went for a walk to get afternoon tea and we found a small number of stalls supporting the Geographe Music Band Fete.  Gordon managed to get himself another eight books at a $1 each, so he was pretty happy.

All in all a pretty good day but we both neglected to use sunscreen and although we were wearing hats I have a red nose and Gordon says he thinks his lips are sunburned 🙀\

The Hornet was still missing and spluttering all the way back to the park and finally died on us as we turned the corner.  We managed to eventually get him into the park and Gordon spent quite some time checking coil and ballast resister and points etc … he figured it was electrical as he wasn’t getting a spark.  In the end we had to call the RAC, who were really prompt (once I got through … that took almost 10 minutes!) and apparently it’s the plug leads … such a simple thing.  Tomorrow we’re off to get new plug leads and hopefully it will then be a trouble free trip going home on Monday.

There’s been a Forest Rally happening here the past few days and continues tomorrow.  The town is full of rev heads and hot cars.  They’ve even been doing some sort of evening “noisy stuff” tonight not far from the caravan park.  It’s gone quiet now, so I guess it’s over for the day.  They started at 7am this morning, so I expect we will be woken by noisy exhausts early tomorrow morning.

Simple tea of cup of soup and toast and we’re in the camper out of the cold.  That’s it from us 😎😴

Change in the weather 🌦☂⛄

Well, after some lovely balmy days we’re in Busselton and back into winter clothes.  It rained about 4am this morning at Augusta but luckily the camper was dry enough to pack up but we’ve had strong winds and showers most of the day.

We left Augusta about 9.30am and stopped in Cowaramup for morning tea and then a visit to the Candy Cow to stock up on our favourite lollies 😋  Old fashioned mint leaves, aniseed drops, musk sticks, bananas etc.  Will have to make sure they last for quite some time or the bathroom scales at home are going to give me a bit of a fright 🤔

Arrived in Busselton about 11.30am and decided to see if we could book in at the park.  No problems there and we were in and set up by 12.30ish.  An interesting park in that it appears to be right in the main part of town.  It’s bounded on two sides by residential housing, the Esplanade Hotel is just down the road and the waterfront and jetty are a very short walk away.  The wind appears to be coming in off the water and the wind chill factor is very cold.  A lot of people here seem to only have summer clothing … or they’re very tough and don’t feel the cold.  Not sure which!  After the space we had a Augusta and Albany, this feels a bit tight and “in your face” as the sites are quite small.  It’s convenient for what we want to do this weekend, as the ukulele group tomorrow night is at the Esplanade Hotel, so if it’s not too cold we can walk there in a few minutes.  Also, Saturday’s car show is also just down the end of the street, so for this weekend this is probably the best place to be.

No great plans for these four days.  It’s ages since we’ve been here, so we’ll have a walk around town tomorrow and see what’s changed.  We need to give the Hornet a wash so that he looks presentable for Saturday’s show.  Other than that, we’ll just take it as it comes.

Had an excellent tea at the hotel tonight … potato, leek and bacon soup with cheesy garlic bread.  Huge bowl with heaps of bacon and leek in the soup and the bread was nice and crusty.  Not bad for $12 each.  Certainly a meal in a bowl.

So that’s about it.  We’re snug as a bug in the camper and hopefully the weather will improve and warm up a little tomorrow 😎

Last day in paradise😪


I tried to get the effect of the sun sparkling on the water this morning but this didn’t really do it.  There must be a way but I haven’t found it as yet.

Anyway, today was our last day here and we decided to walk into town for morning tea along the riverside path.  Lovely walk, probably a lot longer than taking the direct road but the road is very steep from the park into town.  Only stopped for one photo along the way …
IMG_3550What I didn’t realise is that it’s also very steep getting from the path into town … you still have to go up a big hill.  What a test of fitness … and I can assure you I’m not very fit.  I had to stop several times to catch my breath.  I think that hill was telling me something.  As soon as I can get shoes on again I will be back walking regularly and increasing my fitness levels.

We had morning tea at the bakery cafe, which has a lovely view out to the river mouth and the ocean.  It was a magic morning … very little breeze or clouds and plenty of sunshine.  Picked up bread and some provisions for lunch and tea and walked back down the main road hill to the park.

Goofed off with books until lunch time and then Gordon decided he would give the fish a treat as the wind was in the right direction, for a change!  He was delayed several times as he was getting ready as people wanted to stop and talk Morris Minors 😏 but we finally got free and walked down to the point.  No good … people and kids swimming there, so back a bit to the jetty.  Unfortunately the fish weren’t interested.  Only a couple of nibbles and one fish took the bait off the hook but that was it. We decided to leave the fish to their own devices and come back to the camper.  There’s a thunderstorm predicted for tonight, so we packed up the car as much as possible so that there’s not much to do in the morning if it’s raining.

We’ve decided that we should come back here for two weeks next time.  Perhaps we’ll do two weeks here around this time of the year and two weeks in Albany in October when we come down for the Raiser Run.  We definitely need to bring kayaks next time.  We’ve also been told where the locals go fishing, but we only found out this afternoon, so that’s in our memory banks for next visit.

Tomorrow we’re back on the road for the short trip to Busselton and the Jetty Caravan Park for four nights.

Talk to you tomorrow night …. 😴😴

Another laid back day🛌

This sleeping late is getting to be a bit of a habit that could be difficult to break when we get home 😜  There was a bit of light rain last night but we slept soundly and didn’t wake until almost 8.30am.  Despite the forecast saying thunderstorms and rain, it didn’t look like it was going to happen as the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the sky was blue, albeit with quite a few clouds.

After breakfast looking out over our waterfront view ….

we decided that we’d go out to the Berry Farm for lunch.  It’s one of our favourite places for a snack or meal when we’re down this way.  The road map from the caravan park was a bit vague but we found our way there and had a delicious lunch of pumpkin and ginger soup with warm crusty ciabatta and butter.  I would never had thought of putting grated fresh ginger in with pumpkin but it was really nice and I’ll give it a go this winter.  Lovely spot on the back verandah overlooking the grounds ….
I had to take a photo of the pale mauve flowers at the back as they were actually chives and I’ve only ever seen chives with white flowers.  Don’t know whether the colour means a different flavour, as our white chives are garlic flavoured.  I wonder what these mauve ones would be?

After lunch we went to have a look in the tasting shed and bought a quince paste to go with our cheese from Denmark, some rocky road for Gordon, and a strawberry liqueur for a strawberry roulade.  Just imagine fresh strawberries mixed with strawberry liqueur flavoured cream wrapped up in meringue and baked with a sliced almond and cinnamon sugar coating.  I’m drooling just thinking about it 😋

From the Berry Farm we drove into Margaret River and then wondered why we bothered.  It really just feels like you’ve returned to suburbia and that’s not what we want when we’re on holiday.  Turned around and came back to the park to sit in the sun and read our books.  The day was turning cold, mainly the wind, so we were constantly moving our seats from one sunny spot to the next to keep warm.

The pelicans are well fed here as they seem to know when someone has come back with fish.  This photo was from this morning …


And an interesting purple flower that I haven’t seen before …

Finished the day with scrambled eggs on toast in the campers’ kitchen out of the wind.  It’s supposed to be reasonably fine tomorrow but rain coming in on Thursday, which is when we’ll be moving on.  There also appears to be a very strong wind system on Thursday, so it could be interesting putting the camper up when we get to Busselton.

And so ends another day.

We were going to … but we didn’t😏

Today we had planned to go exploring but it didn’t happen.  To start with, we slept in until we were rudely woken about 8.15am by some very loud people greeting each other right outside the camper … totally inconsiderate … and one lady had a braying laugh that set your teeth on edge.  By the time we’d dressed and had brekky and sat around for a bit, it was morning tea time ☕.

I think we managed to get out of the park at about 11am.  Drove down the road to the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse but decided we didn’t want to spend the money going in as we’d done it before, years ago.  Drove back down road a smidgen to a spot called Water Wheel to have a look …


This is what it looks like now ….

The rocks look very old and in some parts looked like old pieces of decaying wood rather than rock (not the old bloke in the blue t-shirt!) ….

There were some very small flowers and the white grevillea-type flowers had bees busily humming around ….

The wind is obviously very strong and consistent (similar to Greenough) so the trees are bent into amazing shapes …

… and naturally there was lichen here and there on the rocks.  The orange caught my eye, as did the semi-circular one …

What gave me pause for thought was the placement of the life ring on this rock ….

This is the landward side of a huge rock.  If someone was fishing from the rocks near the water and either fell or were washed in, I wonder how long it would take for their mates or whomever may be around to get the ring off the rock and get around to the other side to try and get to them.  If you look closely at the picture below, you will see the ring on the rock in the distance.  If you were stupid enough to be fishing in this spot and fell in, you wouldn’t be anywhere in cooee of this life saving device … go figure!!!!

From the water wheel we moved on and stopped a bit further down the road and discovered a plaque commemorating Matthew Flinders sighting of the mainland in December 1801.  This is the some of the view from the lookout area …

That was the sightseeing for us for the day.  Back into town for lunch at the local bakery, picked up some bread and also meat for tea (and for Gordon to use as bait when he goes fishing).

Back to the camper to goof off for the rest of the afternoon.  I had a bit of a nap and then after we’d had a cuppa I did a quick saucepan meal of the chuck steak, onion, carrot and potato in a Worcestershire and tomato sauce gravy.  Cooked up nicely and we had it with the fresh bread for tea.

It started to drizzle a bit about 6.30pm so we did our washing up in the campers’ kitchen, packed everything away and we’re now snug in the camper.

No plans for tomorrow, although Gordon may try fishing if the weather is OK.  This is a great spot to just veg out and take it easy.  Good way to recharge the internal battery.

That’s it for another day ….

Nothing like the sound of surf🏄‍♀️🏕

No, we’re not surfing, but it really is nice to have the sound of the ocean constantly in the background.

We woke reasonably early yesterday as the kids in the tent next to us were full of beans.  At least I didn’t have to worry about the alarm 😄 We left Albany about 9.15am and drove to Boyup Brook via Frankland and back roads.   We usually stay with our Morry Club and farmer friend Michael Askew and his daughter Mary for the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival weekend in February, but we couldn’t go this year because of the ulcer on my foot, so we made up for it by staying with them last night on our way to Augusta.

Mike had rescued a couple of Morries from another club member, who was just going to send them for scrap.  Mike is doing his best to harvest as many parts as possible from them before that happens.  I had mentioned that I was looking for a reasonable chrome back bumper blade as Minnie’s is in very poor condition, so he took us up to his daughter Jane’s home, where the Morries are parked at present, and there was a really good bumper and blade and over riders in much better condition than Minnies.  We came back to the house for a cuppa and then Mike and Gordon went back and took what we needed off the wreck and tied it onto the camper trailer’s rack.  We’ll need to take it off each time we park up, but that’s not a problem and Minnie is now going to have a much better looking “rear end” 👌

Mary always goes to a lot of trouble to make sure we feel welcome (just like her late mother, Molly) and we had a delicious tea of roast hogget and veg, followed by apple pie and cream.  Very spoilt.  If you’ve not eaten hogget then you will have no idea what you’re missing.  Hogget is a bit older than lamb but younger than mutton and the flavour is amazing.  When we lived in Albany back in the 70s, I used to buy a forequarter of hogget regularly.  It was so much cheaper than lamb and all it needed was to be cooked slow.  I’m thinking that I might just ask my butcher when we get back home whether he can source hogget for me.

We left Mike and Mary about 10am this morning and travelled via Bridgetown and Nannup.  There were a lot of classic and vintage cars and plenty of motor bikes on the road today, probably because it’s a Sunday and local car clubs would be out and about enjoying the autumn weather.

We arrived in Augusta around 12.30pm.  We’re at the Turner Caravan Park, run by the August/Margaret River Council, for four nights.  The park is alongside the mouth of the Blackwood River with plenty of trees and grass, although we have a sand site, but that’s not a problem.  We chose this site because it has peppermint trees on both side to give us shade.

There appears to be an abundance of fish as we’ve seen quite a few people coming back with fish in buckets and this sight below was directly opposite from where we’re camped.  We saw the pelicans fly in en masse and this was the reason why ….

These guys were cleaning and filleting the fish they’d caught and the pelicans and seagulls were there for a feed.  We even saw a stingray come in hoping for a feed.  Apparently they nibble at your toes!!!  I’m having second thoughts about that swim I was contemplating 😉

I love pelicans so I probably took too many photos …

We also have other bird life around us ….

We settled in and had a lazy afternoon and decided on a reasonably early tea before it started to get dark.  Tomorrow we plan to do some exploring around the area in the morning and early afternoon.  On our way back we’ll stock up on provisions and some bait so that Gordon can go fishing.  Fingers crossed that we might have fish for tea tomorrow night.

The Raiser Ride from Albany that we’ve done for the past two years is actually coming here for the run this coming October, so it will be nice to come back again even if it will be only overnight.

It’s very peaceful here and I could easily stay a lot longer than these current four days but hopefully now that we know how nice it is, we can put it on our list of places to come back to.

We have no mobile phone reception but I do have wifi with my Telstra portable wifi.

That’s it for tonight.  I’m going to be lulled to sleep by the surf 😴😴😴