Home Sweet Home

Despite our early start today, it was a long day on the road.  More slow traffic that we would have expected for a Monday and the sun through the windscreen was very warm as we headed north for home.

It’s been a lovely break but I think Gordon’s cartoon sums up how we both felt when we arrived home this afternoon …


It’s called HOME ❤❤❤

We’re both pretty tired, so it’s going to be an early night in our own bed … bliss!!!!

That’s it from us until next time 😎


The end of a lovely break …

Time to pack up and head for home after a lovely couple of weeks away.  I must admit it will be nice to light the wood stove and cook inside out of the cold and away from mosquitoes, but we’ve both really enjoyed this time away and the simplicity of camper living … make the bed, do the dishes and the rest of the day is free of chores.

We had a final trip to the Boatshed Markets this morning, mainly just to have a browse and possibly buy some apples for the coming week, but Gordon decided to wait until we get home as he was disappointed with the apples we bought last week.  Had our usual hot choc and headed back for me to pack some stuff into the car and Gordon to check the Statey’s oil and water.

Spent the rest of the day following the sun with our chairs and reading.  Nothing exciting.  The rain held off all day, although the afternoon was really cold and we finally moved into the camper about 4pm and put the heater on.  We heard one of the caravan campers asking another if they were “doing drinks tonight?” and the answer was “too cold”!  So it wasn’t just us feeling the cold.  There was a short, sharp shower a few minutes ago but it’s stopped for now.  Hopefully there won’t be much more overnight.

Simple tea of sardines on toast in the camper and that’s it for the day.  Early start tomorrow to finish packing and get on our way home.

That’s it from us.  Over and out 😎


Bitty day …

I always forget how quickly Albany weather changes.  Lovely and sunny yesterday … grey, cold and showery today.

Went to the Saturday Farmers’ Market for more honey and Jersey brie cheese to take home, and some eggs.  From there to Kate’s Place for morning tea … and they had their delicious sticky date slice with caramel sauce in the cabinet!!!!! ❤😋👍.  I was a very happy customer😃.IMG_1485

This was actually the photo from October last year, but I can assure you that it was just as deliciously yummy.  The only difference was that Gordon had a vanilla slice and I swapped the hot choc for a lemongrass and ginger tea.  This is definitely my most favourite place for morning or afternoon tea in Albany.

On our way back to the park we decided to get rid of the bait and burley that we didn’t use when fishing, so down to the Point to feed the pelicans and seagulls.  Well, actually one pelican and a couple of seagulls.  The pelican was very keen on the stewing steak but wasn’t happy about the burley.

Gordon reckons that if it could have spat the burley out it would have, but instead it just let the burley slide out and then put its beak on the side and rinsed it out … very polite.  There were some Indian uni students down there at the same time and we had one ask us a lot of questions about pelicans, seagulls, magpies and fishing.  He’s studying for a Masters in Civil Engineering at Curtin.

Back at the park we decided to do a bit of uke practice but then the chap from opposite us came over to tell us all about his new Hawaiian uke (that he bought in Hawaii, of course!) and his weekly private lessons.  He finally went back to his van and a little later on he started playing his uke … it felt a bit weird so we quietly packed up and had our lunch instead.

After lunch Gordon decided to go out to Nanarup to suss out his old fishing spot rather than use Two People’s Bay in future.  It was freezing cold and drizzling … that fine misty rain that eventually soaks into everything.  It was a long walk from the car and I certainly wasn’t keen on what he was proposing.  The area we would be fishing from looked like you needed to be a mountain goat to get there and I’m not as young and fit as I used to be.  I felt we were better off staying with TPB but working out a better bait and burley system.  Now that you have to pay $8 to go into TPB it may discourage quite a few casual fishers.

On our way back we decided on afternoon tea at Kate’s Place as we’d forgotten to replenish our biscuit/cake supply this morning and had nothing at the camper.  Joy of joys, they still had plenty of the sticky date left so we both had a serve this time and thawed out sitting in their lovely armchairs at the window.

I’d forgotten to get provisions for tea and it was so cold anything I cooked was going to be cold before we could eat it, so we opted for Red Rooster (too salty … should have known better).  Back to “proper” food when we get home.

Rain forecast again for tomorrow but looks as if it should be less than today.  Will start packing the car in the afternoon so that there’s less to do Monday morning.

Hope the weather was kind to you today 😎


Another day in paradise🌞

Another lovely sleep in today and blue, sunny skies when we finally surfaced.  Our pigeon was making his mournful sound and the magpies were singing.  We stayed in so late that our neighbours had packed up their vans and left for their next stop.

Gordon suggested that we take the kayaks to Emu Point and paddle through the channel and round to a little beach in King George Sound.  He checked the tides and decided that we’d have the tide helping us out but we’d be paddling against it coming back.

Left about 10am and spent the next two hours on the water and the pristine beach.  Took a heap of photos … these are probably some of the better ones …

I experimented with the “vivid colour” options on the camera and this was the effect …

It certainly gives a better idea of the real colours and the clarity of the water, which was absolutely crystal clear.

There are places along the beach where fresh water flows out of the hillside down the beach and out into the ocean.  The water is pale to dark brown from tannin and in some places trickles through rocks before it reaches the beach …

Even managed to get a photo of Gordon without the usual “one finger” salute …
IMG_4332It was a bit more difficult paddling back to Emu Point against the tide and the wind had also come up a bit but I just did “follow the leader” to make sure that I didn’t run into any underwater rocks and tried to keep up.

When we got back to the Point, three little kids between 3 and 4 years old (I think) decided they wanted to get into and on the kayaks and play with the paddles and bash them with their sand shovels etc.  Had quite a job to convince them to stay off and out while Gordon brought the car closer, and their mum/s didn’t appear to be taking any notice.  Maybe I looked like a harmless old chook and no threat 🙄!

Picked up pies in Spencer Park for lunch and went to eat them in Lawley Park in town.  Somewhere in my photo box I have photos taken on our honeymoon in 1968 and Gordon is sitting on a cannon in this park.  The cannon are no longer there.  Wonder where they’ve gone?

From there we drove down to the foreshore to take a picture of the art on the CBH Albany Grain Terminal silos …
IMG_4343It celebrates the discovery of a new species of sea dragon called the Ruby Sea Dragon. I also read that it’s an amalgamation of both the Ruby Sea Dragon and another local sea dragon … so it’s more a mythical creature and apparently divided the locals as they felt the art should be something to do with the Anzacs or whaling.  The artists wanted to reflect the marine, culture and history of the region.  I think it’s gorgeous and very eye catching.

Stopped at the lookout on the tourist drive and tried to take some snaps of the beautiful clear day but my camera just wasn’t cooperating.  Not sure if my zoom is causing problems or not but out of six photos the last one was the best …

Finished the day back the camper with afternoon tea and books.  Gordon fixed his fishing reel after we found some info on the Web, we had tea, and that was the end of our day.

Except for the people who keep coming over and asking about the pigeon.  “What’s that noise?” they ask.  “It’s driving me mad”, they complain.  Some have even said they were going to put in a complaint at the office … good luck with that one!!! All eastern states people who have never heard a bronze wing pigeon’s call.  We don’t even notice it and sometimes he goes to sleep at night so I don’t know what they’re going on about.

Another lovely day in paradise done and dusted.  Only two more days and we will have to pack up and head for home.  Mixed feelings on that one as I know there’s “stuff” that needs to be done at home.  While we’re here I can’t see it but it’ll be staring me in the face when we get home.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end.  Supposed to be showers ☔🌧for the next two days but who cares? As long as we don’t have to pack up with wet canvas we’ll be OK.

Time to add Gordon’s cartoon for the day and then I’m off for a good 😴😴😴

Catch you tomorrow 😎


No fish today 🐟😥

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow was for rain in the afternoon, so we decided to go fishing this morning.  Woke to clear skies but by the time we were on the road the clouds had started to roll in and we had spots of rain on the windscreen.  Not a good sign as quite often the fish don’t seem to be around when it grey and cloudy.  Nevertheless we continued on, paid our $8 (again) to get into Two People’s Bay, did the walk across the beach and up the steep hill to our fishing spot.  We were the only ones there but I’m not surprised as it wasn’t a particularly good morning for fishing.

We had picked up some “proper” burley yesterday as the pollard we had used on Tuesday wasn’t staying in/on the burley cage.  This burley was supposed to be as good as the stuff we used to get but it wasn’t.  Once again, it didn’t want to stay on so we were lucky to get two casts (sometimes only one) before we had to reload.  I guess that was good exercise, walking back and forth to reload but frustrating as the fish just weren’t cooperating.  We both landed a rock cod (at different times) but threw them back as they’re not really good for eating.  The best part about the morning was that my reel was finally working properly and I was able to cast out a lot further.  Would have been even better if the fish had been cooperative!  We were out there for about two hours and this time the fish won!

Decided to call it a day, so back down the hill, across the beach and up the steps that always defeat me.  I’m sure they’re made for giants and obviously I’m not in tip top condition so by the time I get to the top I’m huffing and puffing.  It’s actually the same going up the hill to our fishing spot … huge steps and steep so that you really know when you’re not fit 😕.

On the way back we stopped near the red banksia that I photographed on Tuesday as I remembered taking photos of the Southern Cross flower on a previous trip.  Sure enough, there they were … only on one side of the road and in a small area …
IMG_4275There were some other delicate flowers in the same area and over the other side of the road …

We spent the rest of the day reading, going out for afternoon tea (had to try a new café!), pick up some provisions and washing our fishing clothes … and Gordon wanted a photo of the ladybird on his arm … so I obliged 🙂

The park has many birds, and among them are bronze wing pigeons.  It happens to be mating season and the male pigeons have a very mournful call.  We’ve had one in the tree over our camper ever since we arrived and it moans almost non-stop, which can be monotonous but doesn’t bother us as it’s just part of being here.  Apparently it’s really bothering the campers on the other side from us as one bloke came over to ask if we knew where the noise was coming from and a woman went to the office to complain that it was affecting her tinnitus and asked if the office could get rid of it by shooting it!  Honestly, the poor bird is just lovesick!!!  I love it if I wake up during the night and the magpies are caroling softly and the pigeons are moaning.  It’s a really lovely sound and it feels like we’re home.  Hopefully the park owners will ignore the request to kill the poor bird … anyway, how would they know which one is causing the problem?  There’s more than one male pigeon here.

The weather had cooled right down, although the rain has only been a couple of light showers so far.  The wind was so cold I thought that our tea would be cold before we had a chance to eat it, so decided on fish and chips from the Blue shop (it’s called Ocean & Paddock) tonight and chose the Pensioner’s Special at $9 each.  I know we had this last time we were down here and the serve was quite good, but tonight it was a bit paltry, so we’ve decided that in future Hooked is the better option at 50c more per serve.

No idea what we’re doing tomorrow.  We’ll wait and see what the weather brings.

Gordon’s cartoons are up for each of the blog posts.

Sleep tight and stay snug and warm 😎


Another day drifts by ….

Wash and mend day today.  Our fishing gear needed washing and my fishing reel needed fixing, so put the washing in while we had brekky, had it on the line 30 minutes later and then Gordon showed me how to dismantle my reel and clean and oil it.  It now works beautifully … the bail clicks across as it should and the action is lovely and smooth again.

It’s supposed to rain later tomorrow … we’ve already had a short, sharp shower tonight.  If the weather is fine first thing tomorrow morning we’re going fishing again and I can try it out.

We’ve had magpies and wattle birds visiting us all day today.  We don’t feed them but obviously they do get fed by other campers as they’re very persistent.  Just as we finished our lunch today … the rest of yesterday’s fish and bread … a cheeky wattle bird flew in and grabbed (beaked?) the last small piece of bread and took off … hotly pursued by a magpie 🤣

Our visitors today …

… the first magpie has only one foot and we’ve seen him for the past three or four years so obviously he can look after himself.

Got the ukes out again after lunch for about an hour and then headed off to the Vancouver Café for afternoon tea.  Nice little café well off the main thoroughfare with some interesting cake options.  My Persian Pavlova was nothing like a pavlova but it was delicious.  Gordon says his Dutch apple cake was really good also.  It’s a bit more expensive than the other cafés but we only go there once each trip, so it’s worthwhile.

Picked up fishing stuff on the way back, had early tea before the mozzies made an appearance and retired to the camper.

Hoping the weather is fine tomorrow morning so I can try my repaired reel out and see if I can catch some fish.

That’s it for today 😎

Gone fishin’

What a perfect song to go with our day today!

Once again it was a bright, clear blue and sunny sky.  We were up and about by 7.30am but then frittered the morning away playing our ukes as we both had the music for a song stuck in our brains, so I looked up the chords and we had a bit of a practice and decided it was one that we’d like to add to our personal repertoire.  Maybe one of these days we’ll be proficient enough (and brave enough) to try busking somewhere we’re not known 😁🤣.

Packed ukes away, Gordon cycled to Middleton Beach and I walked the Emu Point circuit taking in the nature walk on the way back, taking photos along the way …

Whizzed out before lunch to pick up meat for bait, a cinnamon loaf for lunch, and a devon swiss roll to take the place of our morning and afternoon tea biscuits that we’ve just finished.  As you can see, we’re eating really healthy food 😋😂.

After lunch we drove out to Two People’s Bay to go fishing at our favourite spot …

Thankfully, we were the only ones there for fishing, although there was a guy swimming when we arrived but he left soon after.  The fish weren’t particularly encouraging for quite some time but they then came on the bite and we ended up with 10 herring and one skippy.  I only caught two 😥 and Gordon caught the rest.  He had a lot more success with his handline.  My reel needs some serious maintenance as it was stiff and difficult to wind, so Gordon’s going to show me how to strip it down and clean it tomorrow.

Took a photo from the car park before we left.
On the way back I managed to find these gorgeous red banksia flowers …

Fresh hot fish sandwiches were on the menu for tea tonight and we picked up bread on the way back.  I filleted the fish … not a very good picture taken under our yellow outside light but there are 22 fillets there …
and then cooked up about half of them in butter and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow.

The mosquitoes were having a feed of us, so we’ve retired into the camper to do our nightly diaries and nosh on some choc from a couple of days ago.

Gordon’s cartoon loaded.

Hope your day was as good as ours 😊😎